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subjects mainAll dance styles have a positive impact on students as it allows them not only to learn the subject of dance but also to socialize and interact with their fellow class mates as well as their teacher.

Bounce and Beatz will be bringing you this great selection of classes:

Ballet is not just for elitist here at the Bounce & Beatz Dance Academy we believe that ballet can be enjoyed by anyone; ballet is a strong foundation for any dance and a style of dance that has been enjoyed by many generations. Ballet has a wide range of advantages such as helping to strengthen Muscle Tone, Posture, Balance and Fluidity as well being able to express yourself.

Tap is great fun, you will be able to learn different rhythms and create the sounds with your feet. Not only is tap fun but it will also help with posture, balance and co-ordination. Tap has been very popular for many years and can be seen in the West End in productions such as Stomp and Tap Dogs.


Students are welcome to start from the age of 4 years old, this class is very similar to gymnastics but includes the dance aspect. Students will learn to stretch, perform tricks and stunts. 

Modern Jazz
Modern Jazz uses the latest movements that can be seen on music videos. Within modern some of the movements used are within Ballet, however it will open your mind to how a movement can be developed and used within the latest videos as well as learning new movements to the latest trends of music.

Commercial Dance (Street Dance)
Street dance originated from the streets of America in the 70’s. Many people could not afford studios for dance classes and therefore Street Dance was performed on the Streets. Street Dancing has many forms of styles under its umbrella but are most commonly known as B-Boying and Hip Hop. More and more videos are using the latest styles of street dancing.

Musical Theatre
Musical Theatre uses all three aspects within the Performing industry, Singing, Acting and Dancing.
Students will get to perform in front of one another as well as on occasions to an audience. During this lesson students will be asked to learn monologues and scripts as well as learning to sing to modern day songs and musicals such as Annie and Oliver. They will be taught many different styles of dance as well as learning movement and warm up techniques.

Contemporary dance is a dance performance genre that developed during the mid-twentieth century, within this class students will use Ballet, Modern and Lyrical movements.