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Registration Form

Welcome to Bounce and Beatz Dance Academy, I would appreciate if you could take the time to read through all the information before completing the registration form below.

  • Classes are invoiced on a half termly payment, normally 6-7 weeks at a time and must be paid on the first lesson. Any overdue fees will have a £5.00 administration charge added.

  • In the event of any fees outstanding for more than three weeks I may have to make the unfortunate decision to stop your child’s classes until the outstanding fees have been paid.

  • All students who sign to BBDA will need to have parental consent for photos to be used on the Internet, Facebook, and Newspapers etc. • We currently produce in house shows every 18- 24 months which all students can perform in (this may change depending on the upcoming events).

  • Fees may change, however notice will be given in advance

  • Parents are not allowed in the studio, but are able to wait in the parent room.

  • Uniform is compulsory after being at the school for five weeks and can be purchased from us

  • T-shirts, Joggers and Hoddies can be brought from BBDA

  • No Jewellery must be warn for Health and Safety reasons.

  • Child Protection policy is available on our website.


Cost of classes are per student:

  • £3.35 for 30 minutes
  • £3.90 for 45 minutes
  • £4.50 for 1 hour



Emergency Contact Information:

Contact 1


Contact 2


I agree to the following information:

  • Photographs & Videos may be taken of my son/daughter and used for promotional purposes including Facebook, newspapers, TV, Internet etc.
  • I am aware that participating in dance and acrobatic involves inherent risks and hazards, students will be taught to BBDA best ability keeping health and safety in mind at all times for students. I voluntary agree to release BBDA for any loss, damage, injury or expense.
  • By registering with BBDA you agree to pay fees on time and understand any fees not paid on the first lesson back will incur a £5.00 administration fee. In the event fees are not paid by the 3rd lesson within that term students will not be able to continue with lessons.
  • All information given is kept confidential unless in an emergency I have to pass any medical and personal information to a medical profession. It is your responsibility to inform me of any updated information I should have.
  • By signing the below form I agree to be added to the online mailing list and understand I will start to receive newsletters and updates in regards to the dance academy.
  • Shows, Exams, Competitions etc are optional to all students, we currently hold a show every 18-24 months.
  • Please see www.bounceandbeatzdanceacademy.com for our Child Protection policy.
  • I/we understand that a refund will not be given in the event my son/daughter is absent from class.