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Child Protection

Bounce and Beatz Child Protection 2015

  • It is the policy of the school to provide efficient, up-to-date, enjoyable and safe instruction in dance to all pupils who enrol in the school or join in the classes or activities.
  • The premises and equipment will be checked regularly for any defects or faults that exist or may have developed which might present hazards to any attending the premises.
  • The premises will be cleaned regularly to prevent any hazard to health from accumulated dirt or rubbish.
  • All instruction will be geared to the previous experience and abilities of the pupil(s) and no person will be required to perform movements beyond their intrinsic capabilities. Staff will be sensitive to all pupils’ religious beliefs and culture.
  • No energetic instruction will be given without pupils undergoing a “warm-up” session, and after an energetic session completing a “warm-down” session.
  • A day book will be kept to allow records to be kept of any incident in the school, injuries of any nature to staff or pupils.
  • No very young pupil will be allowed to leave the school premises until collected by a parent, guardian or other adult authorised to do so by a parent or guardian. A member of staff will remain on the premises until all pupils have left.
  • No pupil under age 16 will be driven home by a member of staff in his/her car without the permission of a parent or guardian or in the event of an emergency.
  • Normally no member of staff will be alone with a young pupil for any substantial period of time without the consent of a parent or other authorised person.
  • No child may be photographed or videoed without the consent of parent or guardian.
  • No staff will knowingly be employed who have a criminal record for child molestation. Where appropriate suitable checks will be made with the Protection of Children Act list and the DfEE List 99 and if the applicant is recorded on either s/he will not be employed in a position that involves dealing with children.
  • Parents/ Family members who wish to help with regards to Shows/ Back Stage etc will be supervised by a Lead Chaperone/ Teacher who will be DBS checked. The Lead Chaperone will be DBS checked and supervising all Adults that are may not DBS checked.
  • Only suitably qualified or experienced persons within the Dance Sector will be employed in a teaching capacity.
  • In the event of activities outside the school premises the instructors will regard themselves as being in “loco parentis” and, so far as applicable and within their control, apply the preceding and subseque